Address: Via Gallisterna, 3

Telephone: For information contact 0546/71903

Description: This is the parish church of Gallisterna dedicated to St. Thomas Apostle and found in Via Gallisterna. This name was once used for the Senio river area dominated by two castles: Serravalle and Sassatello. This church was once upon a time (according to Gaddoni) situated in the village of Isola half a kilometre south of Gallisterna and remembered for the first time in a will of 1285 with the name of Chiesa di Isola. This should correspond to the current S. Tommaso di Gallisterna, although it was taken to a higher location probably after a flood and called S. Tommaso de Plasignano. However it is also possible that two distinct churches existed at the same time, one south of iSola and one in Plasignano. The church of St. Thomas, the rectory of Pieve di Montemauro, was rebuilt together with the rectory in 1496 and the works were given to the maestro Andrea di ser Maso Cavina. The floors were redone in 1573 and the temple was still in excellent condition in 1599: the main altar was placed under a star vault, whilst the rear tribunes had images of the Virgin of St. Thomas Apostle and S. Antonio abate dating back to 1573. The chapels and altars were without name at different times to various saints. The baptismal font dates back to 1461, whilst the bell tower is remembered in a document of 1514 with only one bell. The current tower is 38.30 m high and was built in 1910 on the design of head maestri Pietro Sangiorgi di Russi. The current church was instead rebuilt on the initiative of archpriest Mongardi and blessed by Cardinal Mastai Ferretti the bishop of Imola in 1843. It measures 9.50X6.50 m and 11m in height, not including the choir stalls and the major chapel. The church has three altars: above the main altar is a painting depicting S. Tommaso, one of the first works by painter Giovanni Piancastelli. Another painting is the Madonna con S. Girolamo and S. Domenico by Gandolfi, whilst also worth noting hanging on the right wall of the presbytery is the canvas depicting La Vergine col Bambino fra S. Giuseppe, S. Girolamo e S. Lorenzo by A. Gottarelli.

Sundays and public holidays: Holy Mass is celebrated at 11.00 am.
Open all year round

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