Municipalities: Municipalities:Faenza

Address: Via Emilia Levante

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Explaination: The church is an important example of Romanic architecture, erected between the XII and XIII centuries as a lazaret for lepers. It is not in a casual position, as it was needed as a place for the “quarantine” of the sick – mainly pilgrims from the East – before they entered the city. Also, many cities along the Via Emilia still have their own San Lazzaro originally built for this role and always to the east (the most famous being Bologna).The church was restored (the last time in the 1990’s after a serious mortal accident when a truck smashed into the apse crushing it completely) and today it stands as the Memorial for Road Accident Victims. Apart from the architecture, still with Romanic purity characteristics, there are three recently inserted contemporary artworks to be seen, made up of a painted cross by the Faentine artist Pietro Lenzini, a main altar with iron base decorated by Germano Sartelli of Imola and a ceramic bench by the Faentine Guido Mariani.

Directions: The church can be reached by car after about 4 km on the Via Emilia towards the east of the city. The church is on the left side of the road (in the direction of Forli) and is normally closed. It can easily be visited by asking the caretakers’ permission,who live in the first house on the left side of the road and who take care of its current role as “Memorial for Road Accident Victims”.