Municipalities: Municipalities:Faenza
Address: Corso Mazzini, 107

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Explaination: The church has very ancient origins, but the current are of Pietro Tomba, who reconstructed it totally in 1831. The exterior is well representative of its style, and of disarming essentiality: two pilaster sides close in a single large “thermal lunette” window, an element of clear Venetian ascendancy often used by Tomba and his predecessors (such as Gioacchino Tomba in the church of Villa Siletta). Up high there is a triangular gable enclosed in a rectangle. Lorenzo Savelli has recognised affinities with Valadier Roman churches, for example with S.Pantaleo.The church was accurately restored in the 1990’s. Inside there are works of art of certain local interest, such as the niche to the right (with Crucifix) frescoed by Romolo Liverani.

Directions: From the piazza head west along Corso Mazzini, past the big intersection with Via Cavour and the following intersection with Piazza II Giugno. The church can be seen immediately after on the right, often open also for exhibitions or other public events.