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Parish church of Borello.

Explaination: There is not much news regarding this church: it is known that the parish existed in 1455 and was part of the Pieve di S. Prospero.In early times, erected in honour of S. Cristoforo, it was more commonly referred to as de Limitealto or de Limidalto.In 1564, 1571 and 1574 it was already crumbling. Therefore, restoration work was ordered and the image of the patron saint was placed on the façade (a bas-relief majolica image of S. Cristoforo).The ancient church was 12 m long, with beams and bricks on the floor; the façade was redone in 1695 and again, together with general works on the church, in the years 1767 and 1772. After the earthquake of the 4th April 1781, S. Cristoforo was practically completely rebuilt. This new temple was vaulted with three altarsand measured 15×5 m. Above the main altar was a painting depicting L’Addolorata con il Redentore (Our Lady of Sorrows with the Redeemer) the work of an unknown artist, whilst the two side altars were dedicated to S. Cristoforo and to S. Antonio of Padova. At that time, the building no longer had the portico in front of it.This church was also destroyed during the Second World War and then rebuilt in its current shapes after the end of the war.After the death of the parish priest Don Giuseppe Ceroni, the church is now under the direction parish priest of Zello.

Holiday timetable: On Sundays and public holidays, the Holy Mass at 10.00 am.
Directions: Take via Emilia from Castel Bolognese towards Imola and turn right for Bagnara di Romagna. The parish church of Borello is situated on the left after a couple of km.