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Address: Via Costa

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DEscription: This park is of small size – just over half a hectare – with a beautiful set up that characterises this park created at the end of the 1970’s. Paradoxically, the most important element is the background wall that dates back to the 1500’s and extraordinarily made from large river pebbles, practically the only surviving example in Faenza. The wall surrounds the Capuchin convent and is one of the few remaining authentic elements of this complex that was partly destroyed during the bombing of 1944 and then rebuilt soon after in shapes and manners that are not entirely philological. The wall, depicted also in a beautiful and famous painting by the painter of Faenza Domenico Baccarini, is enhanced by the park and vice versa. The park also takes advantage of the soft undulation under the wall (an ancient embankment), probably of the same age as the wall itself. There are around seventy plants present, mainly broad-leaved.

Directions: From the historical centre of Faenza proceed towards south along Corso Matteotti and after Porta Montanara (today called Piazza Fratti) continue along Via Marconi, lined with plane trees. After Piazza Martiri Spagnoli, an opening between homes, turn into Via Costa on the right, the park area is located at the end. There is another small access at the end of Via Baldini (the street beginning from Piazza Martiri Spagnoli that ends with a car park that borders with the gardens).