Municipalities: Municipalities:Faenza

Address: Via Cavour (at the corner between via Cavour and Stradone)

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Description: This is a small park area (1246 square metres with about 40 plants), but important for several reasons: first of all there is no continuity with the adjoining avenue and therefore its ideal as a area for rest, recreation and as a play ground for all the visitors. It is in a good position precisely under the Manfredi walls (mid XV century) that have been well conserved and enhanced by the gardens. They are dedicated to Francesco Serantini, lawyer and writer from Faenza, famous for his novels with historical, naturalistic and hunting background (The Gun of the Pope of the Genga, Goodbye to Goes Them, etc.). In fact, Serantini lived nearby, in the strange house-castle (a neo-medieval re-proposal of the early 1900’s, with improbable towers, spires, merlons, etc.) facing Piazza Fratti to the east of the garden. A last note is for the plants, all of a certain interest. There are four older plants: a yew, a holly, a beautiful Sophora japonica (hanging type) (with characteristic weeping branches, “pagoda” style) and a privet under the walls that after pruning has always re-grown vigorous shoots. Recently, white beech (Carpinus betulus) has been planted to successfully hide a box containing a liquid gas tank.

Directions: The park is not fenced off and therefore has no main entrance. In any case to visit this park, proceed from Via Cavour (when coming from the centre, this is the biggest side street from Corso Mazzini), until it meets with the Stradone. The Gardens can be found on the left, under the walled belt.