Municipalities: Municipalities:Faenza

Address: Via Castellani-Via Montini-Via Cavour-Via Orto S.Agnese (city centre)

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Description: This is perhaps the most beautiful park of the historical centre. It extends for almost one hectare (precisely 9.209 square metres) and has over 330 plants of which almost 230 tall trees. The older part of the park, bordering with Palazzo Tassinari (and therefore on the Via Castellani side) immediately shows its derivation of small 1800’s private garden (of the adjacent building and that is now property of the Municipality, as for the green area), where the characteristic elements are still recognisable, such as the pond (with brick bridge) and the bamboo shoots. The age of the ice house is uncertain, still well conserved in its parts (small hill and internal cavity) and used up to almost the mid 1900’s for ice, made possible with well pressed snow packed inside the “mound” and covered with leaves and other insulating material. From a botanic point of view the most important element is the large cedar that grew in the northern corner of the Palazzo, knocked down by a wind storm in December 26th, 1999. The trunk, cleaned, has been left in its place and gives an idea of the imposing size of the tree.

Directions: The park has four entrances, two in the side streets and two in main roads, that is in Via Castellani and Via Cavour. The latter is the most important and the most used, and is situated near the Rione Verde.