Municipalities: Municipalities:Faenza

Address: Corso Europa e poi Piazza Saba (next to Chiesa della Magione o Commenda)

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Description: This park extends for 5.554 square metres with around ninety plants. It has a recent section and an ancient part obtained from an old ice house that is today inaccessible and unusable, however one can still observe the “Little Hill” with an interesting coverage of periwinkle, bay trees and holm oak, representing the most interesting and older part (perhaps more than century-old) of the park. There are also the beautiful pieces of Manfredi walls (mid 1400’s) that encircled the old village centre and that today are the boundaries of the park. On the wall at the entrance there is a “colonnade” structure and it is possible to admire a strange cavity similar to a theatre proscenium: it is a dome covered semi-circular area obtained from one of the internal towers (originally there were 35 towers along the entire wall belt, today there are 26). Apparently in the past it was used for small outdoor shows.
There are also the usual “service” structures: benches, wooden tables, a fountain.

Directions: From the historical centre of Faenza proceed along the main road of Borgo Durbecco (Corso Europa) until almost the end, recognisable also from afar thanks to the large ancient gate of Porta delle Chiavi. At the medieval Church della Commenda turn right and proceed along the small lane way that follows the church square and leads into the park.