Historical origins: The “Canta’ Maggio” is an expression of a popular tradition, especially of farmers, with very ancient roots. Even though there is no certain evidence of the existence of the “Maggiaioli” May singers, as far back as the Middle Ages there were chants dedicated to the month of May. The group left on foot on the 30th April to reach every small farm house to sing the arrival of May as a wish for a good harvest, for love and peace. At every house the Maggiaioli sang a song that varied according to the circumstances and the imagination of the group leader. Still today in Casola Valsenio on the night of April 30, a group of people, the so called “May Singers” go from house to house on the country roads and, accompanied by a harmonica, sing strophes with “May” for the souls of Purgatory, yet with the festive imprint of the month of May for the Tuscans.