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The Casalecchio area was historically called “de Limite alto”, meaning the high limit. Not too far from where the church stands today there was a castle that was completely destroyed towards the end of the 14th century. During the Middle Ages the Monastery of San Vitale in Ravenna held the dominion over the lands that are now part of the parish. The first church is remembered in a document dating back to 1157, but was destroyed during the encampment of the war front on the Senio river. The current church, dedicated to St. Peter, was rebuilt in 1950. The cemetery built in 1882 is located near the church. In the parish territory in via Farosi there is the ex Villa Ginnasi not too far from the church, which had an oratory and beautiful gardens with an ice house.In addition, this area possesses the last existing example of a series of mills that were built in the 1400’s along the «canale dei molini (canal of mills), whose water filled the trenches that surrounded the castle»: the Mulino Scodellino.