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Town located about 6 Km. from Brisighella.

Description: The town of Fognano is the most important town in the disrict of Brisighella. It rises on a steep rock and is located near the river Lamone.If we consider the etymology of the name Fognano, we can be sure of its Roman origin: probably a roman owner named Fannius or Fannus cultivated the land and left his name. After the year 1000, Fognano became a castle which Maghinardo Pagani took possession of in 1292. In 1650, the Bishop of Faenza, Cardinal Carlo Rossetti, thanks to the remarkable economic development of the town of Fognano, conceded the local parish church the title of archpriestly.

During Napoleon’s domination, with an imperial decree of 1805, Fognano was established as a Comune di Terza Classe (third class city) and various neighbouring towns were united. While the other third class cities belonging to the district of Brisighella, were abolished in the years 1810-1811, Fognano preserved its jurisdiction until 1816, as written in various documents kept in the city archives of Brisighella and in the city library of Faenza. The parish church dedicated to S. Pietro dating back to 1464 and the Monastero-Collegio Emiliani (monastery-college) founded in 1822 are worth visiting.

Every year in July, during the town festival, the streets of Fognano are livened by food stalls and shows.

Additional notes: You can reach Fognano following the state road 302 from Brisighella towards Marradi. Bus services from Faenza to Fognano are available.

Altitude (m a.s.l.): 126 m. s.l.m.