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Locality of the Municipality of Faenza, situated to north-east of the city.

Description: Pieve Cesato, in dialect known as “La pi d’Zizé”, is divided into two parts by the river Lamone and joined by the Castellina bridge. The Castle (Castrum Cesati) from which the bridge gets its name was fortified in 1217 by the inhabitants of Faenza.
In this castle that belonged to Francesco Manfredi, in May 1285, the monk Alberigo Manfredi had Manfredo Manfredi and his son Alberguccio assassinated. The monk invited the two Manfredi men to dinner, and then had them killed while fruit was being served. Dante mentioned the sad episode, called the “fruit of the bad orchard”, in the XXIII chant of the Inferno.
The Castle passed to Giovanni Manfredi, whom had it demolished in 1350, never to be reconstructed. Several presumed remains of the castle can be seen in the nearby Via Accarisi.
The economy of the area is based on agriculture.

Additional notes: From Faenza motorway exit, proceed along Via Granarolo, direction Faenza centre. Turn left for Ravenna at the traffic lights of the overpass. Proceed for eight km along the state road No. 302 Ravegnana, turn left into Via Accarisi two km after the motorway overpass and continue for another two km. The village is located on both sides of the road.

Altitude (m a.s.l.): 19,30